Here you can Schedule your first English Class

Notice that our Schedule time is the same as in Belgrade, so it is easier for you to calculate time in your city.

In case you want to cancel the class, please inform the teacher via email one hour before. If the student is absent without notice, the class will be charged. If the teacher cancels the class (due to sickness or emergency situations) it will be held in another time that is convenient  for student and teacher as well.

You cannot book directly the class via schedule, but it can serve you as an orientation for class that would be suitable for you. Always send the email first so you can check open slots directly with your teacher.

Pay attention on time in your City

Sao Paulo




See Our Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan 2

104 / month
  • Class lenght 50 minutes
  • 13 euros per class
  • Twice a week

Lesson Plan 3

132 / month
  • Class lenght 50 minutes
  • 11 euros per class
  • Thrice a week

Lesson Plan 5

180 / month
  • Class lenght 50 minutes
  • 9 euros per class
  • Everyday class
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